that's what she said...

Working with Adrianna feels significant, I feel safe and seen in a way that I don't with most everyday interactions. You can tell how much work She has done herself, so I easily trusted Adrianna and could let myself unravel.

There was a clarity, depth and spaciousness in our interaction, it feels like there is much possibility and room to breathe.


Adrianna is an amazing space holder. But this expression doesn’t really do justice to what she manages to establish within the structure of her coaching session, because it’s so much more than just space. 

She is the embodiment of what it means to be human and this is reflected in the commitment she makes to supporting your journey. Expect to feel held, expect to feel nourished but expect to feel challenged, in the kindest way possible.


if you are serious about exploring the parts of yourself that you don't know how to do alone or are too afraid to.

I don't think its necessary to be at a loss, confused, lacking confidence to work with Adrianna in this way as I think that is part of the problem of our society that we need their to be a problem in order to ask for help or to think we need support.

 I would definitely continue working with Adrianna regardless of where I was at as an act of radical self care because that is what I feel I am worthy of now.

Often as well we think we are 'OK' but when an honest conversation begins to unfold whereby Adrianna's sole purpose and intention is to observe and tune into that which isn't so obvious at all on your own.


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