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Adrianna is a transpersonal embodiment guide.

Known for her wisdom when it comes to the emotional and energetic body, Adrianna calls upon seasonal & elemental wisdom, dance, archetypal rites of passage to bring awareness and healing to the emotional realm.

She is here to guide others deeply, and is here to lead others to their own emotional mastery, nourishing and fulfilling relationships and the deep embodiment of feminine wisdom.

Adrianna guides you through your unique journey because no two humans are alike. 


She mentors you as you greet, accept and integrate of all aspects of self. 


She witnesses and supports her clients as they step into a life aligned with Truth. Her clients emerge as integrated, vibrant, evolved human beings.


She is

in service to the soul

The transpersonal is a phenomenon or experience “in which the sense of identity or self extends beyond ('trans') the individual or personal to encompass wider aspects of humankind, life, psyche or cosmos.”

With her guidance, Adrianna’s clients dive deep into their emotional body and create integration in body, mind and spirit. 

She creates immersive experiences in which the individual can heal, nurture and cultivate their relationship to themselves through the emotional body, and thus transforming their relationships with others. 


Her vision is to elevate consciousness through emotional wisdom. 

Adrianna believes that this deep work must be tailored to the individual and only works in one to one and intimate groups.

my mission I am
my mission shapeshifter

“Adrianna is a messenger of love, and a conduit for truth & beauty.” 

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Cultivate and nurture emotional fluency through an embodied approach.



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