Adrianna is a midwife of the soul.

Through the wisdom of the body, embodied movement, dance, archetypal rites of passage and written transmissions, Adrianna acts as a grounded and loving bridge, serving the feminine essence within,

and thus - calling forth your deepest truth and soulful expression.


Adrianna is known for her wisdom when it comes to grief, the underworld and the darkness. She supports you on your journey - in the greeting, acceptance and integration all aspects of self - guiding you as you alchemise through bodily wisdom and step deeply into truth as an embodied, mature woman.


I am

in service to the Feminine
my mission I am

Everything in her life reflects this. She invites you into the same cyclical way of living.

Adrianna is here to serve the feminine within others. She stands for the maturity of men and women, and guides those willing to be witnessed as they birth themselves, time and time again, just as mother nature and the goddess do.

Adrianna serves the feminine and creates experiences in which women can heal,

nurture and cultivate their relationship to their bodies, the earth, and the Great Mother. Her desire is to elevate consciousness through Feminine Awakening, leaving a legacy of love in her wake.


The women in her community transform.


Each woman has her own unique expression, no two women are alike.

With Adrianna's guidance, each woman cultivates and nurtures a strong relationship with her body, the earth, and the feminine energetic principles.

Adrianna is a shapeshifter. Creativity is at the heart of all that she does, it is a way of life for her. She feels most alive when aligned with the transformative and cyclical nature of the feminine principle.

my mission shapeshifter

It begins right here. With your total acceptance and full expression.

The world needs your unique gifts, and your truth.

This is how we create a legacy of Love. 

One soul at a time. 

“Adrianna is a messenger of love, and a conduit for truth & beauty.” 

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Together, through relationship to your body, our earth, and the Great Goddess, we can grow and become the Mature Feminine the world needs.

1:1 sessions

Work intimately with Adrianna as your spiritual midwife as you cross various thresholds in your life, be personal or professional. 

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Group sessions

Explore the feminine current through live journeys and self paced immersive, community focused experiences guided by Adrianna.

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Events & workshops

Join Adrianna online and in person, for events designed for women to gather in honour of the feminine. Recordings of some of these experiences are available in the shop.

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