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You already know.

Adrianna believes that everything you need to know is already within you.
It is just that we often need a guide, someone who we feel safe with, and who sees us deeply, to support us in seeing ourselves.

Sessions with Adrianna support you in tuning into your body and will help you access your intuition, thus deepening your unique relationship to your body, heart, the earth and the goddess.

Adrianna is here to guide you when you are ready to embody and remember your truth.


The foundation of this work begins with the realignment to the feminine principle; a subtle energy, which exists within the psyche of human beings, but due to our culture has been suppressed and dormant. In basic terms, the masculine principle resides in “doing” and the feminine principle rest in “being”.

“Being” invites you to come into a new relationship with your receptivity, responsiveness, listening, patience and to the mystery of life.

When this principle is embodied, it becomes a force so powerful that aligns you to the soul, to meaning, to life’s creative mystery.

“Working with Adrianna feels significant, I feel safe and seen in a way that I don't with most everyday interactions. You can tell how much work She has done herself, so I easily trusted Adrianna and could let myself unravel.
There was a clarity, depth and spaciousness in our interaction, it feels like there is much possibility and room to breathe.”

The world is awakening to the goddess and the feminine principle.
Women are waking up, walking this path, and bringing the goddess back to life. 


Women are returning to the cyclical, reciprocal, relational and dynamic nature of their feminine essence, and by returning to the feminine principle, you choose to change, to leave the old ways behind and meet yourself.  


Specifically, Adrianna supports her clients to embody the mature feminine (archetypal Mother) and align with the feminine principle. To birth yourself is to make a conscious transition, crossing the threshold from Maiden to Mother; an archetypal journey into spiritual maturity and living a soul-led life.

“Adrianna is an amazing space holder. But this expression doesn’t really do justice to what she manages to establish within the structure of her coaching session, because it’s so much more than just space. 
She is the embodiment of what it means to be human and this is reflected in the commitment she makes to supporting your journey. Expect to feel held, expect to feel nourished but expect to feel challenged, in the kindest way possible.”

This work is based on the map birthed by Adrianna's teacher, Sarah Durham Wilson, and has been embodied and adapted through her personal life, and further studies of grief, embodiment, and the feminine.


It is not a biological rite of passage. Regardless of age, the world asks us to become Love, the Mothers, first to ourselves, our dreams and desires, and then to the world. 


The world used to revere the Feminine, the Mother.