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About the 1:1 process

Adrianna is here to guide the individual. 


No two human beings are alike.


Sessions with Adrianna take you to the depths of your emotional body. 


Our survival and ability to thrive as human beings is based on a healthy system. 

A healthy individual has a balanced and responsive nervous system, robust immune system, but at the foundation of it all is the need for a fluid, integrated emotional system. 


This is the deep work Adrianna is here to support her clients through. 

She calls upon seasonal & elemental wisdom, dance, archetypal rites of passage to bring awareness and healing to the emotional realm. And in her private sessions, she tailors the guidance to meet you exactly where you are. 


Adrianna expertly holds her clients as they unravel old beliefs and ways of being. This is a crucial phase of their evolution. 


She then guides her clients as they slowly rebuild their lives on the foundation of their emotional wisdom. It is in this phase that she then guides her clients as they explore how the mind and spirit move through and around the emotional body.  

“Working with Adrianna feels significant, I feel safe and seen in a way that I don't with most everyday interactions. You can tell how much work she has done herself, so I easily trusted Adrianna and could let myself unravel.
There was a clarity, depth and spaciousness in our interaction, it feels like there is much possibility and room to breathe.”
“Adrianna is an amazing space holder. But this expression doesn’t really do justice to what she manages to establish within the structure of her mentoring session, because it’s so much more than just space. 
She is the embodiment of what it means to be human and this is reflected in the commitment she makes to supporting your journey. Expect to feel held, expect to feel nourished but expect to feel challenged, in the kindest way possible.”
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