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I know how tempting it is to just do it yourself.

I know how tempting it is to just buy another book.

Or double down on your yoga practice.

Or to try taking one more free short course, or download another free ebook.


I know that doing it perfectly and by yourself is lonely and stressful.

I know that this way of operating is culturally programmed into us as women, and it takes devotion to unravel it and begin to live in accord with our feminine essenced spirit. 


I know that what I have described is not that way women were designed to live, lead, and thrive. 

In fact, we must come together, in relationship to heal, lead, and thrive.

The reality of facing this; the sadness, rage, frustration, grief and the pleasure and joy, can feel too much.


Facing this would mean accepting how you really feel, and that means that something would have to change.

The relationship.

The career.

The location you call home.

It would mean changing. 

“Working with Adrianna feels significant, I feel safe and seen in a way that I don't with most everyday interactions. You can tell how much work She has done herself, so I easily trusted Adrianna and could let myself unravel.
There was a clarity, depth and spaciousness in our interaction, it feels like there is much possibility and room to breathe.”

I know what it means to be afraid of something like this.


The change, to transform.


But, this is the way of the feminine. 

Chaotic, Dynamic, powerful and cyclical.


I know how deeply you want to be seen as the woman you really are.


The woman that yearns to be fully self expressed, but feels trapped, hidden or stuck.

The woman who wants to sing, dance, tell her story, to walk as the Love that she is. 


Yes, you. 


What I know is that my life radically transformed with the presence of guides and teachers.


Everything began to reveal itself to me through loving presence and positive regard.

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