About Adrianna

Working on a 1:1 basis.

My personal journey through womanhood has been the path I needed to walk to arrive fully and be ready to accept this contract, and support women, acting as a midwife for women who are ready to birth their soul life into existence. 

I have entered the subterrain of my being time and time again. What others would deem painful, I’d perceive as a necessary force for opening to life. 


I desperately wanted to understand what makes a woman a woman, in all her power and presence. 


My journey with my own mother, my sexuality, my intimate relationships and physical health - specifically my menstrual cycle - have each been initiations into Love, Truth and my intuition. 


I’ve worn many hats, held and outgrown many labels. 

I’ve managed teams, taught yoga, run retreats, shared and taught reiki, coached and mentored women, all of which have led to me the one thing that has been waiting for me to reclaim all along. 

To work with me in a 1:1 environment means that we create the structure together, through deep, active  listening - where whatever it is that you are working with in the outer world, or facing within - it can be met, heard and held with deep love and respect. 


This presence is extremely valuable.


Knowing myself, my truth and expressing this give all women the opportunity to do the same.

My presence is my gift to the world and I fully accept my soul’s calling.


I create and hold an intimate and safe space for women to re-member themselves. 

A loving space in which I reflect their sovereignty back to them.


It is simple, elegant, deep, sophisticated, and most definitely powerful. 


The foundation of my work is anchored in archetypal rites of passage, specifically the journey a woman makes from the archetype of maiden, into mother.


Please note, this is not related to biological motherhood. The mother archetype is deeply connected to living our soul life, and creating a life that is uniquely ours, sharing our gifts and message with the world from a Mature Feminine seat.

Below you can see how to book a discovery call with me, or go ahead and book your first session with me.

I am ready to work with any woman who is ready to listen for, create and birth the soul life that resides within.

Showering you with love,