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A 12 month access, self led, self paced experience.

Access to three recorded rounds of the programme, a private community space where Adrianna will continue to support your journey.

Dance Your Wisdom is a spacious, nurturing and healing online journey for women.

Adrianna will guide and support your journey using the elements, to arrive home to your wisdom. This programme has been holistically designed to bring you back to yourself through your divine feminine form, to your innate knowing, wisdom and power.

"Adrianna's guidance and teachings are deeply authentic, inspiring and moving and are shared with such love and wisdom."

This program is for all women

Women who are in their bleeding years and those  who are not, those who are childless, those pregnant, post partum, mothers and grandmothers ALL WOMEN are welcome.


Please note- Adrianna understands that this offering designed for cis-gendered women. 

This is mainly due to the fact that she teaches and shares from her direct experience. Her gnosis. Adrianna can lead you to that place because she stands in the integrity of her own power and truth.

Together, you will gather in a virtual women’s circle.

Through this self led journey, Adrianna will guide you to a place of deep remembering and reclamation of your feminine essence and wisdom through a bespoke combination of: movement, dance, somatic experiencing, group coaching and open floor sharing. In addition to supporting practices the most important, aspect is the community space (via the Mighty Networks)

"It is so clear that Adrianna's passion lies in this work, she LIVES it and that allows the permission for others."

Dance Your Wisdom is anchored in the intelligence of nature, of the Great Mother.

She has created life and us in perfect design. Everything we see exists within us, and our sovereignty as women resides in unlocking and living by the power of Her.

Mother Nature's seasons are also mapped within the power of a woman’s menstrual cycle

(Winter: bleed, Spring: pre ovulation/ follicular phase, Summer: ovulation, Autumn: Luteal phase, pre bleed) and if we look to nature as our guide, She brings us to the wisdom of womanhood. 


Zooming further in we see that each season has its corresponding element. Each element awakening our flesh and bones in a more intimate way than a season can itself. 


Adrianna has spent years observing life through the lens of her experience as a woman who bleeds. Whilst many women cycle with the Moon as their guide, Adrianna has found so much more from working with the seasons and the elements as they don’t require us to sync with the night sky, but rather invite us deep into a woman’s body and her own unique flavour of womanhood and wisdom.

Your birthright as woman is to walk in your power.

This journey is for those souls ready to dance with all that they are.


Dance Your Wisdom is so much more than Dance.


You are dancing with Her.

With your bloodlines.

With your motherline.

With your timelines.

With your intuitive knowing/ gnosis. 

With the eternal Unknown - the Great Mystery.

And through this immersive journey, you will be invited to share your heart, your truth, and experiences with the women of this community.

"I had been looking for a guide to continue deepening my practice and also wanting to be part of a circle of women where we can witness each other"


How it works

Each of the calls across all 3 journeys will ignite the wisdom of each season & element in new ways, as each transmission was just as unique as the feminine - constantly changing and shifting as new ways of being came through. 

Journey 1, 2 and 3:

When you work with Adrianna, it’s like being seen and loved in a way that you’ve never experienced before. 


Working with Adrianna is like receiving the love of a best friend, a sister, or mother.


It is a relationship that accepts you as you are and knows there is nothing that needs to be fixed, and through this everything is transformed.


Adrianna is devoted to Love, and this emanates on a cellular level.

It is felt, and working with her, you too will experience this within yourself.

It is the love that transforms you, and it is this love that continues to give long after you have completed the 12 month, self-paced programme.


So, let's be honest. 


When working with the Feminine, there are other programmes that are more expensive and are much shorter in length. 


But throwing more money at something and a short and linear approach (masculine) to get a set result (also masculine) is the complete opposite of what the Feminine is all about.

The Feminine needs you to go slow.

The Feminine needs you to feel.

The Feminine is the unknown, the Great Mystery,

and so the results will be as unique as each woman. 

The Feminine descends, and goes deeper and deeper to connect to her power and wisdom.

This is why Adrianna not only creates offerings that support a woman’s cyclical nature, but that also support and reflect this financially.

The Feminine is slow, sustainable and deep.

This is why Adrianna not only creates offerings that support a woman’s cyclical nature, but that also support and reflect this financially.

The Feminine is slow, sustainable and deep.

So what's the investment?


Payment Plan

Just 3 instalments of £185.00

Paid monthly* 


Save & Pay In Full

Just one payment of £444

Need more information? 

No worries.... here are the FAQ's
How do I know if this is for me?

If you are asking this question with your mind, Adrianna would like to invite you to close your eyes, place your hands to your body (I’d suggest your lower belly and your heart) and take a deep breath, all the way in and down to the root of you, to your vulva and womb space, and breathe it up and out of your mouth sounding on the exhale. Repeat this as many times as you need to.


Tune into your body.

What do you feel?

A tingle. Butterflies. Heat. A spark. Joy. Excitement. Nerves.

Whatever it is you feel, let this feeling guide you. 

Your body cannot lie, and I promise if you sign up, you’ll gain the confidence to trust your body more often and with more conviction.

When does it start and end?

This is a self led, self paced experience which allows you to move at your own pace.

You will have 12 months access to all 3 rounds of Dance Your Wisdom. Adrianna designed this programme to be repeated to honour the cyclical wisdom of the feminine and of each woman who embarks on this journey. 

You can carve out the time and space that works for you to move through this journey, and you will have the community space and other women to embody and anchor in the wisdom of your experiences. ​

How do I sign up?

Click the link below and choose the option that best supports you.


Once you’ve made your purchase, a pdf invitation will be sent to you with an invitation to join our private Dance Your Wisdom community space (via a platform called Mighty Networks).


Please create your account and once you’ve joined, you’ll have access to all of the information you’ll need for your journey.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes, you sure can. 

It is all about choice and what works best for you.​

Things to note:

  • This is the first payment of three as part of your payment plan. 

  • Two additional payments will be required 30 days from payment 1, and 30 days from payment 2.

  • Please be sure to register with the preferred email address so that payments 2 and 3 are set up correctly as I will be sending out recurring invoices to be paid via CC or PayPal.

  • Any unpaid payments will result in leaving our community early :( and nobody wants that.

What happens once I sign up?

Once you’ve made your purchase, a pdf invitation will be sent to you with an invitation to join our private Dance Your Wisdom community space (via a platform called Mighty Networks) 


Please create your account and once you’ve joined, you’ll have access to all of the information you’ll need for your journey.

What do I need for the programme?

Internet connection and access to the private Dance Your Wisdom community (via a platform called Mighty Networks - via desktop and app), and Spotify Premium.


You’ll also need a specific journal and pen to record the wisdom that comes through you during this programme.

How much time do I need to invest?

All three rounds of Dance Your Wisdom come to a total of over 40 hours of contact time for you to schedule as you see fit.


Having said that, the rest is up to you, and your participation in the community space (it’s going to be fun!) as well as how you want to integrate this wisdom into your daily life is completely up to you. Trust the way you want to participate.

Will I get any personalised support?

This is a self led immersive experience, which was designed for community participation. Should you desire private support from Adrianna, ​please head over to this page to find out more.

I’m in several other programmes/ courses can I still join?

What women love about Dance Your Wisdom is that whilst it is a new experience, it is first and foremost a space to listen and feel your own wisdom. Adrianna’s own struggle to find spaces that allowed her to feel and listen to her own knowing, has informed and shaped the type of guide and teacher she is. Adrianna’s offerings are spacious and safe to allow you to meet yourself exactly where you are, which supports all that you choose to do and how you wish to live your life.


Whatever else you may be doing, Adrianna can promise that the Dance Your Wisdom journey will enrich your life and even be a place where everything integrates.

I live in a different part of the world, can I still join? 

HELL YES! Dance Your wisdom connects to the experience of your inner seasons and elements, so it does not matter if you are flowing with the northern or southern hemisphere seasons. You are welcome. 

The self paced nature of this programme means that no matter where you are, you can participate in a way that feels good for you.

You mentioned menstrual cycles, what if my menstrual cycle isn't’ in sync with this programme? Will it still work for me?

Yes. This programme is all about the transmission and permission to tune into your wisdom - a chance to explore and play, listen and feel, and be held by a beautiful group of women. This programme welcomes all women. Women who are in their bleeding years and those who are not, those who are childless, those pregnant, postpartum, mothers and grandmothers. We each have Nature’s knowing within us, and Adrianna believes that all women have access to this. In fact, it was very important to her that it is accessible to all women at all stages of their life.

Why the seasons and elements and not the moon?

As Adrianna mentioned earlier, the menstrual cycle has “inner seasons” and when she was tracking my cycle, she discovered that the elements and energetic qualities from each season really supported her in listening to my body, especially while she was experiencing really irregular cycles. This listening gave her the time and space to feel into what was true for her, and exclude external voices, shoulds and ideals.


Adrianna has spent years studying the intersection of the elements, seasons, and lunar cycles with the menstrual cycle, and she can see how they all support a woman in a similar way. 


However, her own experience with irregular cycles and “syncing” with the moon didn’t feel right. Constantly comparing herself to what she “should” be feeling, where she “should” be at in her cycle caused deep sadness and pressure/ stress, which her body is so sensitive to. This is not to discredit the moon (she has much to teach us) but the seasons and elements drew Adrianna into what is happening in her body, in any given moment, which helped her to listen to what is so, and so this is why Adrianna is sharing this perspective with you.

I am no longer menstruating, is this still for me?

Absolutely. The beauty of this offering resides in the pure fact you are mother nature personified. Every cell of your body knows and holds this medicine. You may not bleed anymore (menopause or pregnant or have amenorrhea) but as a woman, your wisdom resides in your pleasure, your senses, in your flesh and bones. The elements and seasons give us a direct connection this is, and it is truth dance, and embodying these qualities, that we come home to.

Do I need to be a dancer?

No, not at all! Adrianna has never ever been a dancer in the way one would define a dancer. But she will say this - the fact you’ve been enticed by this offering would suggest on a soul level you were born to dance, and this may be the perfect opportunity to re-member this truth. 

Maybe like Adrianna, as a little girl you’d love to dance.


Dancing has always brought her closer to Spirit in ways that nothing else can. 

For Adrianna, it is a moving prayer.

She has always felt alive when she dances.

When Adrianna dances, she feels. Full stop.


Dance for your joy.

Dance for your grief.

Dance for your pleasure.

Dance in your wholeness.

Dance for your mother, your aunts, your grandmothers.

Dance for the Great Mother.

Dance for the Maiden within.

Dance for your sexuality and sensuality.

Dance to reclaim what was always yours.

Dance for your sovereignty.

Dance for yourself.

Dance for all women.

Dance with all women.


(Still not sure if you are a dancer after reading that?)

A final note

To be clear, this is not anything you have to do or learn.


Dance Your Wisdom is an unlearning, and undoing, an experience for you, of you, to remember all that you are. 


This is a journey of unearthing your own wisdom.


This is not a journey in which you need to bend and squeeze yourself into a mold of what a woman should be.




This is where such programming comes to die its rightful death. 


Through years of working with the body and energy, and her studies of the feminine archetypal rites of passage, Adrianna holds safe, inclusive, spacious and powerful spaces for women to delve into their inner landscapes and as a result know that what they have been searching for has been inside of them all along. 


Adrianna’s story of long irregular cycles and feeling pressured to conform to what it meant to be a woman, led her further down the path and discovery of her own wisdom and innate knowing that her body was communicating. That the Divine was speaking through her, to her, leading her in a direction different from most. 


Adrianna’s passion for intersections and paradoxes led her to simultaneously learn and unlearn everything she thought she knew about the female form and the feminine energy. This is what makes Adrianna the ultimate guide and spiritual midwife for women to come home to themselves, to birth themselves and their soul lives longing to be lived.


Women don’t need more information, but rather a safe loving space, held by women, each of who is walking her own path, who is courageously stepping into the unknown and transitioning through the other side more of herself, with each cycle. 


A guide, energy healer and spiritual midwife, Adrianna was born to hold space for those who are willing to delve deep within their inner landscape. 

And so, you are invited into this cyclical journey, to the dance only you can dance.

It is through the relationship with your body, we come to an honest place, where words can no longer deceive, where the body and soul can speak. - perhaps for the very first time.

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