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Join Adrianna online and in person, for events designed for women to gather in honour of the feminine. 

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No upcoming events at the moment
Journeying with Adrianna was an unforgettable experience. I felt connected with women from around the world in finding our pleasure through movement. I felt all emotions flow through me and the end result was pure euphoria for days after. Adrianna’s playlists take you on a trip through the elements, emotions, and worlds. Beautiful and moving, inside and out."


Each event is a transmission, something that has been asked to come through and offered for the healing and awakening of the feminine. These unique experiences magnetize a distinct constellation of women, as each one speaks to the soul of the woman at certain points along her healing journey. 

It is like taking a trip deep within your feminine essence. Traveling within to unlock the unknown parts of yourself.​

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Should you wish to work with Adrianna, in collaborative experience, please complete the contact form below. For all other ways to work with Adrianna, please explore the Offerings page.

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