Online Yoga Classes

Movement for modern life

I am so excited to share something with you that can support you in beginning to bring this practice of rest into your everyday life, wherever you are in the world.


I am a teacher on Movement for Modern Life, an online yoga studio.

The classes I record are all about REST.


They offer a free 2 week introduction to all new students. Once you've fallen in love, I’m pleased to share the love and offer everyone who is part of this community 20% off their subscription when you use this code ADRIANNA20


All you need to do is add the code above at the checkout, and you’re good to go.


The best part is, that you’ll have access to an incredible community of international teachers too, so whatever your practice is, or whatever you need on any given day, this platform will be able to support you.


You know that I love to share, and so if you know someone who would benefit from my classes on Movement for Modern Life, please share this link and code with them, and be sure to tell them about the discount code.


Rest is radical, and so knowing that we are all in this bold act together is a genuine support, as we venture down a path less followed.