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Evolving from maiden to mother

and why it matters.

We hear it all of the time.

Become the Love that you want to see in the world.

But what does this actually mean?

And furthermore, how do we do it?

It is undeniable that there is not one objective way for all souls to become transmitters of Love.

However, what I do know is that love begins with us.

Loving ourselves has to be one of the most challenging things in this life.

Through lifetimes of karma and conditioning, we forget that our souls are in essence, Love.

Love is the energy transmitted through the feminine and the Mother archetype, but it is also the experience of inner union, integration of light and shadow, of masculine and feminine energies within an individual.

Love is not one thing, it is known in many shades, textures and expressions.

Through the full range of human emotions.

In light and dark.

Whilst this force can shapeshift and take on many forms, the Mother is what many humans know as love through the way we are brought into the world and sustained by her love, her energy.

Be it Mother Earth or our biological or maternal caregivers, the mother's energy is inherent to life.

There are many experiences that have severed us from this Love.

The list is too long, and being the woman I am, I would much rather bring awareness to how we can meet the pain, alchemise it, and rise in our wholeness.

The path I am here to guide others along is one of Love.

I introduce women to their archetypal maiden; to the little girl inside of them that is more often than not dying to be seen, heard, held and loved.

I sit with them in their pain.

I stay and model this for them to while they build the strength to stay too.

I witness them alchemise it, and piece by piece, rise into their wholeness.

Love is integration, an acceptance, a forgiveness, a true sense of union, of oneness.

I say piece by piece, because stepping into spiritual motherhood is slow and cyclical.

It cannot, and must not be rushed.

Like any woman stepping into biological motherhood, you can see that just because she has the baby she doesn’t automatically become the mother the moment she gives birth.

As her child grows, she grows.

She grows in her capacity to Love.

This is no different when working with the soul.

This is why there are no set outcomes, clear results, because the expression of Love is infinite.