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I dream of well rested women

I imagine us all together,

resting in the lap of

the Great Mother

as our children play, observe

or choose to rest with us.

I imagine the


impact our rest

& receptivity

would have on

our daughters

& sons.

I imagine us resting in our

wisdom, in our softness,

in our receptive power & presence.

I imagine our bodies collectively...


moving, breathing,

sounding, crying, listening

& sensing the truth with ease.

Just as the Great mother

dreamed we would.

I imagine us unravelling,

together, with trust

and reverence for

what Life reveals

through our

willingness to

consciously &

continually come


And the beauty? A word need not

be uttered in order for this to be


As we claim our burning desire for

communal rest and support, we

orient to our innate devotion to

the Great Mother.

Together, we are regenerated

through Her creative cycle.

Together we embody & transmit

Her frequency.

Women have always

known this, and when

we gather together,

be it in pairs or circles,

Her mysteries move through us.

In the presence and embrace

of another woman,

we return to the

frequency and wisdom

of the Great Mother.

May you dream &

remember with me.


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