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The value of patience


Isn’t just waiting

Or kicking back

It’s about detail

It’s looking,





Over a long period of time

It’s noticing




poppy flowers blooming.
it is safe and imperative that we trust life and cultivate patience

Most people may overlook patience

And label it slow.

And it is slow,

But patience brings us face to face

With our insecurities,

With what we fear the most

Patience unravels things all the way

And reveals something so powerful and so tender.

Few are willing to become students of patience,

Devotees to the Great Mother’s pace.

Our culture doesn’t value patience

We want it bigger

We want it better

We want it now

We want it yesterday

We don’t want to have to wait or work for it

We are immature, we are impatient.

I sense a shadow or undertone frequency in the marketing of transformational or coaching work, as “saving you time” so that you don’t have to “make the same mistakes” as said teacher or expert.

But what if the mistakes were not problems to avoid?

What if time was on your side?

What is your mistakes, and everything they highlight within you, were in fact perfect?

“Saving” time is an illusion that robs us of having to face each aspect of our lives in great detail.

These so called mistakes, are how we become who we are.

Our mistakes are the path way to what it is we are here to embody.

It’s backwards.

We’d rather pay $10K (figurative amount for example) for a short course (12 weeks or less) that produces quick results instead of making the same financial investment for a whole year of intimate tailored guidance.

A tailored experience that uniquely supports you as traverses each layer of your human existence.

That welcomes and honours the mistakes, the fumbles, the uncomfortable, the challenges, the heartbreak, as well as the joy, the expanded awareness, the emotional expression and fluidity.

That welcomes all of you, all of life,

slowly, layer by layer.

The high price, quick transformative ticket offers seem to do everything except for what my might the most important aspect of personal growth and responsibility….

integrity, moving with all parts of ourselves.

holding, what is true, without bypassing.

and integration, a constant dance with what is unfolding.

This is where the wisdom of patience comes in.

Knowing when to wait, to watch and let something play out.

Knowing when to let someone go to the necessary edge, so that they know their own capacity.

Knowing how to love and hold someone as they meet themselves in the places they have abandoned.

The slower path is far more intimate, vulnerable, exposing.
It asks more of us.

This week two of my close friends told me my medicine is patience, and they both inspired me to reflect further on this. (Thank you to you both.)

They are correct. And, I personally still feel I have so much more to learn from the areas of my life where I am still impatient. But this is the element that is so integral to my work - our humanity - having it all without shame. And when shame does emerge, we meet that too.

The value of patience, is worth more than anything anyone can sell you in a high price, quick transformative ticket offer. These experiences are great and all, I’ve held them, but what I discovered with my own work was that a four month offering, naturally continued and repeated, and became a twelve month offering, and I can say that the container and the women in the group were enriched as a result.

Moving at the pace of the Earth.
Of the Great Mother.
Of your body.

She seduces, unravelling us, one veil, one layer at a time.

The power of patience is in the everyday,

In the seemingly mundane moments,

where practice meets impatience,

where devotion meets inner disciple.

Where we can see the patterns playing out right in front of our eyes.

I am beginning to open up some 1:1 spaces again for a minimum of 6 months work.

Energetic themes:

Endings and beginnings.

Descent, grief, love.

Transitions - rites of passage (maiden to mother)

Expression & emotional fluency

and embodied wisdom.

Online and in person will be available.

Contact me to set up a conversation.

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