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Rest perfectly reflects our relationship with the Feminine

If so many women share the dream of a world with well rested women, we need to examine our resistance to rest.

Whilst there is much to be said about the collective and systemic reasons why rest is so challenging in today's culture. I believe it begins with the individual and examining our personal relationship with the Feminine.

Rest requires complete presence.

Rest reveals your ability to meet and to trust life, exactly as it is without changing it. Being still in one place means there's nowhere to go and nothing to do.

And guess what's waiting for you when you do this?

Everything you don't want to feel/ everything She wants you to feel to be in connection to Her.

Rage, bitterness, grief, fear, discomfort & longing.

All emotions and sensations that once met, continue to move through Her creative cycle.

Pleasure, joy, desire, sweetness, eros.

This is the power and alchemy of rest.

By going nowhere, and doing nothing, a woman travels in and down, meets Herself and returns reborn.

Rest is a gateway to the abundant flow of Great Mother nourishment women are starving for.

You can have as many reasons as you like, but until you face the resistance and judgement you have towards rest (and to feeling the emotions buried within) your relationships to Her/ life will be impacted.

You cannot be fed unless you open your mouth.

And until you do, then the dream of well rested women will be just that - a dream.

So what will it take?

How long will you starve?


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