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The Feminine

an exploration

The feminine is Truth.

She is what is, at all times.

Existing beneath the surface and at times right in your face.

The Truth cannot be denied.

However, she will often be suppressed, but not forever.

Time is on Her side, and with it, She will be revealed again.

She will make herself known in a multitude of ways depending on the woman, or human being.

She may come to you in dreams, symbols, signs.

She may come to you as emotions and sensations.

She may come to you in pain, disease, loss and death in all forms.

She calls to you through the unseen, through the felt, through direct experience. In light, yes, but more than often She calls you into her dark.

Her Truth will be known whether you possess the awareness to listen, to feel, and open or not.

The Truth will be there, the whole time, waiting for you to feel Her.

Her Truth runs so deep, and requires you to be one with her, with yourself and life moment to moment. To weave between the shadows and the light. Between the subconscious (body) and the conscious (mind.)

This is what my work is all about.

So if you want a deeper relationship with the feminine, with Truth, your body and it's dynamic wisdom, you are in the right place.

But, we cannot speak about the feminine without addressing the whole and the split.

The feminine is an energy, a spiritual viewpoint based on non dualism, that suggests there is a counterpart to masculine energy.

Together the two are one, but throughout history, the feminine has been separated from masculine, suppressed, repressed and dominated by masculine, patriarchal worships that have been dominated by religious structures and other cultural ideologies. This is the aspect of the split most women are familiar with. It has a very strong connection the victim consciousness/ drama triangle lens in which almost all stories are told in the world, on all levels (individual, tribal and collective.)

The feminine, through a psycho-spiritual lens can be used to balance our perspective.

It is beyond gender, and exists within all beings, as does the divine masculine energy, which is something that is reintroduced at a later stage of a woman's healing journey.

The image of yin and yang allows us to connect to the nature of oneness, but also shows us that there is a piece of each opposing energy within the other, and that brings us back to one.

The feminine represents certain yin qualities; gentleness, community/ collaborative, empathy, humility, creativity, sensuality, receptivity and reciprocity.

The feminine also is represented by certain yang qualities; confrontation, destruction, decay, release, birth, initiation.