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The point and focus of the archetypal work is...

When a woman embarks on her archetypal journey, and moves through rite of passage, it can be easy to assume that the “point” (for lack of a better term) is about crossing the threshold and becoming mother.

But I’d like to offer the perspective that this would suggest your attention is in the wrong place.

The point and focus is the maiden.

It’s not about becoming the mother.

I say this because I too was looking in the very same direction.

It wasn’t until I realised that this was not vibrating with truth, and was a limiting perspective.

Because something as important and dare I say sacred, cannot be reverse engineered.

The mind sees patterns.

It tells and reinforces stories.

All of which play out in the body, through our emotions and behaviours.

But the archetypal maiden, the inner child, resides in the tissues of your body.

It is where these patterns and stories live. Learning about the mother archetype certainly helps a woman begin to access this place within herself.

It gives language and myth, connection and some initial inspiration for the journey ahead.

But this is not how she becomes the mother.

To use only the mind, and to reverse engineer it from this pace is to see your inner child as something to overcome, fix or change so you can move to what you deem to be a more desirable, moral, presentable place is to perpetuate the pain that already exists and is calling for your attention and presence.

Like a seed waiting to sprout, we tend to the soil.

We water the seed.

We make sure it has enough light.

We remove the weeds.

We give it every single chance to thrive, which is to do what it innately knows to do.

She becomes the mother by fully being her maiden. In her greatest embodiment.

It is about expression.

It is about permission.

It is about letting nature run its course and actively getting out of the way and simultaneously nurturing what is divinely designed.

In the process of championing our greatest expression, we become the mature, ripe, juicy expression of ourselves.

The people I look to and feel inspired by seem to have this quality.

They hold something ancient and wise.

They embody something that is powerful and free.

They are fluid, responsive and incredibly dynamic.

They are adults who have been able to retrieve, love and express their essence.

They have met their inner genius and let it all the way out.

Which is to say their transmission is rooted in the knowing of the healthy, integrated inner child.

They are not infallible, but deeply human.

The point and focus is the maiden.

To be with her.

To love her.

Hold her.

Let her all the way out.

You can’t do that with your mind alone.

It has to be felt with every fibre of your being.

And in time, through the process of being with her fullest expression, time will pass and you’ll be the embodiment of the mother.

What do you need to do in order to give her permission to be her fully expressed self?

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