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Where are the real, embodied women?

Even though I’m a perceived as a teacher and guide, I’m ultimately a human being. It might seem odd that I’m beginning this love note with something so obvious but for me, it’s essential. Recently, one of my long term students and dear friend Rebecca told me that she saw me embodying the energetics of the word Integration, and it kind of blew me away.

Whilst I teach about the feminine and work with women, the essence of my work is indeed about integration. I don’t explicitly teach to it, but it is in everything I do, everything I offer, and at the core everything I believe.

Because of this, I hold unpopular opinions, which are becoming harder to deny and want to be voiced in the world, and at the same time, the (archetypal) maiden in me, is struggling with the possibility of no longer being liked, yet the mother voice in me is yearning to roar.

My personal journey over the last two years, and as I sit here and write to you, is very much about integration of the masculine with the feminine aspects of my psyche, my heart and being.

What we see outside of ourselves is indeed a reflection of what we believe within, subconsciously. We have to see it out there to recognise its Her, God, Life, the Universe conversing with us. Showing us and inviting us to engage with the unseen.

I’ve been feeling this personally, I’ve also noticed it professionally.

In my field of work, I not only see the way archetypal wounded maidens (the subconscious shadow expression) runs in the field.

Girls dressed as women so to speak, Wounded maidens, dressed up as Mothers, proclaiming the feminine way, spouting maturity and feminine rising, and then proceeding to call out the masculine and men, demanding they show up, that they do the work, without recognising that such demands aren’t in alignment with energetic law.

These are not embodied women.

Embodied women won’t give their power away through blame, blame of men, or the systems, or the structures.

Embodied women take responsibility for their pain, their ache, their hunger, their yearning.

Embodied women don’t play games.

They aren’t starved for attention and the male gaze, they express fully and in alignment with truth. With the deeper thing that can’t be explained, the thing that just is.

Girls pretending to be woman but have no clue about who they are, what they want, how they want to live.

And I want to be clear.

These girls, aren’t bad.

They just don’t know why it is that life isn’t flowing with them, through them.

These girls don’t know why they attract “those men” or end up in “those situations” again and again.

I can say this because I hold this part of myself.

The girl. The shadow side of the archetypal maiden. The wounded maiden.

The part of the operating system - the subconscious - that will run and run and continue to show us, through behaviours, patterns and relationships, the wound.

The part of us longing to be loved, and to grow and mature.

Tending to her we can then see.

That the real men exist within us.

We can see the way we relate to masculine energy.

The way we love and respect this aspect of ourselves so that we are able to discern in our relationships with men & to the masculine (structure, society, systems, language)

This work, of embody the archetypal mother, of being the woman, not only involves deep reverence and connection to the feminine, but integration of the masculine.

Which comes with its shadows too.

Divine union is what makes us whole.

This inner union of the masculine and feminine energies is what transforms the way we perceive the world.

Yes the mother work matters.

But so does that of the father.

It’s not one or the other. It’s both.

And it all begins with the first relationship.

To life.

And that’s with the mother.

So whilst I’m deeply passionate about integration and relationship, and know that one day working with men and women will be part of my work, I hold steady and devote myself to working with women, and serving the Feminine energy in women.

No amount of activism, of fighting against “the man” in our culture will ever change the fact that the masculine within you, needs to be loved back to a healthy existence.

Remember, they way you see the world is always telling you what you believe.

It’s not “out there” with the Patriarchy. It’s “in here” waiting for you to be in right relationship with your heart & soul.

More on this unpopular opinion another time soon.

If today’s topic of conversation sparked something for you, I implore you to sit with it.

If it calls you to action, and you want a guide on this path, I’m available for 1:1 sessions where we can journey deeply and return the inner maiden to the rightful lap of your inner mother.

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