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Experience a taster event of my signature program, Dance Your Wisdom

Dance your Wisdom: single transmission

GST Included
  • About Dance your Wisdom

    This recorded dance transmission was designed to give you, the dancer, an opportunity to feel.


    I invited each woman to explore:


    What is ready to be revealed?

    What is ready to be felt, known, embodied?


    With this recording you will receive:

    • The experience of dancing with your own wisdom in an online women's circle space.

    • An opportunity to return to your intuitive knowing.

    • Bespoke Spotify playlist. 


    With this event recording, you can journey again and again.


    I hope you enjoy the practice.

  • Disclaimer

    If you have or suspect you have any mental health issue, please contact a doctor or mental health specialist. Do not start this work without the supervision of a specialist. Purchasing any product or services from Adrianna Zaccardi is made by personal choice and is intended for solely spiritual growth. Spiritual work can be emotionally and otherwise intense and is taken on with the full understanding that it is at one’s own risk.

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