Dance Your Wisdom

A four month journey.

We move with the Elements and Seasons.

We move with THE FEMININE. 

She doesn’t speak in the way you think of speech.


She demands you to feel everything you’ve ever run from. 

She does so with love so fierce it terrifies.

But the truth is....

She comes alive through feeling.

She burrows.

She moves.

Then She bellows

Just like the Elements, Her wild nature lays dormant inside every woman.

Pushed down, tranquilised by the culture, by the overpowering masculine energy required to function in this world.

But the Truth is,

She WANTS YOU, and She wants you NOW.

She doesn’t care how messy it is

She just wants you and

She wants you to be all of you.


And so, we begin with the body, and Her buried truths, 

that unravel themselves through the subtle, the sensual, the sovereign.

This is why we dance.

To unveil our wild nature.

Tapping into our Earth (body and underworld)

Air (our hearts and communication)

Fire (our pleasure, our longing, our sovereignty)

Water (our emotions and ability to FEEL)


It is ALL in YOU.

Are you ready to reclaim all that you are?

Are you ready to Dance Your Wisdom?


Dance Your Wisdom is a healing four month live immersive online journey for women. I will guide you through your inner landscape, inner seasons and elements, to arrive home to your wisdom. This programme has been holistically designed to bring a woman back to herself through her body, to her innate knowing, wisdom and power.


To unlearn, undo and return to the wisdom laid dormant in your bones as a woman, and lead and live from your inner guidance system (intuition) above all else. Dance Your Wisdom is a programme that is here to help you feel confident in how to honour, nurture and communicate with your body and Her wisdom. To ignite the power within you in the presence of other women.


Dance your Wisdom is for all women. Women who are in their bleeding years and those  who are not, those who are childless, those pregnant, postpartum, mothers and grandmothers ALL WOMEN are welcome.


We will gather in circle through the potent portal that is Zoom. I will guide you to a place of deep remembering and reclamation of your feminine essence and wisdom through a bespoke combination of: movement experiences (based on She Flows events) group coaching and open floor sharing, supporting practices and most importantly, through our all access  community space The Flow (via the Mighty Networks)

this programme includes

4 x 2.5 hour dance/ immersive experiences

4 x bespoke Spotify playlists, with lifetime access.

4 x 90 minute calls (including an opening and closing call) open floor sharing + group coaching 

Supporting practices (in pdf and mp3 format)

Plus access to our community space The Flow to form strong community roots and galvanise sisterhood.


Saturday 22nd May 5pm - 7:30pm UK

Wednesday 2nd June 8pm - 9:30pm UK


Saturday 19th June 5pm - 7:30pm UK

Wednesday 30th June 8pm - 9:30pm UK


Saturday 17th July 5pm - 7:30pm UK

Wednesday 28th July 8pm - 9:30pm UK


Saturday 14th August 5pm - 7:30pm UK

Wednesday 18th August 8pm - 9:30pm UK

Timezone Friendly information with the UK time and corresponding times.

Saturdays (dances)

London 5pm

NYC 12pm

Austin 11am 

LA 9am 

Wednesdays (integration calls)

London 8pm

NYC 3pm

Austin 2pm 

LA 12pm

Why the Seasons & the Elements

Dance Your Wisdom is anchored in the intelligence of nature, of the Great Mother. She has created life and us in perfect design. Everything we see exists within us, and our sovereignty as women resides in unlocking and living by the power of Her. The seasons are also mapped within a woman’s menstrual cycle (Winter: bleed, Spring: pre ovulation/ follicular phase, Summer: ovulation, Autumn: Luteal phase, pre bleed) and if we look to nature as our guide, She brings us to the wisdom of womanhood. Zooming further in we see that each season has its corresponding element. Each element awakening our flesh and bones in a more intimate way that a season can itself. 


I have spent years observing life through the lens of my experience as a woman who bleeds. 

This journey is personal to me. Whilst many women cycle with the Moon as their guide, I have found so much more from working with the seasons and the elements as they don’t require us to sync with the night sky, but rather invite us deep into our own bodies, our own unique flavour of womanhood and wisdom. I was called to offer this in hopes that I can reach any woman who has felt outside of the word “feminine” outside of “syncing with the moon and stars.” Our birthright as women is to walk in our power and trust our intuition. This journey is for those souls ready to dance with all that they are.


Dance Your Wisdom is so much more than Dance.

We are dancing with Her.

With our bloodlines.

With our timelines.

With our intuitive knowing/ gnosis. 

With the eternal Unknown - the Great Mystery.

We are sharing our hearts, our voices, and experiences with one another.

Winter/ Earth

decent, stillness, union, reflection, clarity, death/ rebirth

Spring/ Air

mind, heart, expression, communication, spirit 

Summer/ Fire

shedding, manifesting, gathering, action

Autumn/ Water

releasing, emotions, flow, surrender


Dance Your Wisdom Includes:

- 4 - 6 hours of transmission, coaching time and support each month

- 4 immersive dance experiences and sharing circles

- Supporting practices and contemplation questions

- Access to a private community space:  The Flow - a place where we can all hangout,     be ourselves and share our truth and undeniable wisdom with one another. 

- 4 Group coaching calls - because we are never alone in our experiences, when     someone asks a question it relates to the collective.

- Lifetime access to all Spotify playlists (if you've been to a She Flows event, you know!)

- Plus 20% off any 1:1 coaching session with me for the duration of the journey.


If you have received so much from my energetic transmission, imagine what you will receive once I open my mouth! ;) 


When you work with me, it’s like being seen and loved in way that you’ve never experienced before. Working with me is like receiving the love of a best friend, a sister, or mother It is a relationship that accepts you as you are and knows there is nothing that needs to be fixed, and through this everything is transformed.

It is the job of the heroine to enlighten the world by loving it - starting with hers.



I embody this Love on a cellular level.

It is felt, and working with me you too will experience this in yourself.


May we all fall more in love with the women we are now.

There will be options to:


Pay in Full


early bird offer £316.80


Payment Plan

£432 (3x £144)

early bird offer £345.50 (3 x £115.20)

* all prices include taxes


How do I know if this is for me?

If you are asking this question with your mind, I invite you to close your eyes, place your hands to your body (I’d suggest your lower belly and your heart) and take a deep breath, all the way in and down to the root of you, to your vulva and womb space, and breathe it up and out of your mouth sounding on the exhale.
And tune into your body.

What do you feel?

A tingle? Butterflies? Heat? A spark?  Joy? Excitement? Nerves?

Whatever it is you feel, let this feeling guide you. 

Your body cannot lie, and I promise if you sign up, you’ll gain the confidence to trust your body more often and with more conviction.

When does it start and end?

The new dates for the second journey will be released soon. Join the waiting list to find out when enrolment opens.

This journey will run from May - August 2021.

How do I sign up?

Sign up the waiting list to know when registration opens.

Once enrolment opens, you'll be able to register by heading to the SHOP and making your purchase. You'll then have be able to choose from full price or a payment plan opinion.


Once you’ve made your purchase, a pdf invitation will be sent to you with an invitation to join our private community space The Flow (via a platform called Mighty Networks) 


Please create your account and once you’ve joined, you’ll have access to all of the information you’ll need for your journey. 

You may want to download the app for ease of use, but you can also have access via desktop also.

Can I pay in instalments?

This option is for anyone who needs to stretch out payment over three months beginning from the date of your first purchase.

This option will be available as part of the early bird sale too (You’re welcome!) 

Things to note:

  • The first payment is made via the SHOP

  • Two additional payments will be required by specific dates.

Each payment will include VAT

Please be sure to register with the preferred email address so that payments 2 and 3 are set up correctly as I will be sending out recurring invoices to be paid via CC or PayPal.

  • Any unpaid payments will result in being removed from the programme. 

What happens once I sign up?

Once you’ve made your purchase, a pdf invitation will be automatically sent to you with an invitation to join our private community space The Flow (via a platform called Mighty Networks) 

Please create your account and once you’ve joined, you’ll have access to all of the information you’ll need for your journey. 

Pro tip: you may want to download the app for ease of use, but you can also have access via desktop also.

But you'll find out when the registration doors open - just sign up the the waiting list.

What do I need for the programme?

First and foremost, from a tech perspective, you’ll need access to Zoom, The Flow (via a platform called Mighty Networks), and Spotify Premium as this is how you'll access the content and participate in the programme.


You’ll also need a journal and pen to record the wisdom that comes through you during this programme.

(I’m so excited for you!)

How much time do I need to invest?

The programme itself is a planned total 12 hours of contact time over four months.

Having said that, the rest is up to you, and your participation in the community space (it’s going to be fun!) as well as how you want to integrate this wisdom into your daily life is completely up to you. Trust the way you want to participate.

Will I get any personal support?

Yes! Your access to our community space The Flow to form strong community roots and galvanise sisterhood. You will also have the option to work with me 1:1 at an exclusive 20% off during the duration of the programme.

I’m in several other programmes/ courses can I still join?

What I love about Dance Your Wisdom is that whilst it is a new experience, with new people, it is first and foremost a space to listen and feel your own wisdom. My own struggle to find spaces that allow me to feel and listen has informed and shaped the type of guide and teacher I am.
Whatever else you may be doing, I can promise you that the Dance Your Wisdom journey will enrich it and even be a place where everything integrates.

I live in a different part of the world, can I still join? 

HELL YES! Dancing your wisdom connects to your inner seasons and elements, so it does not matter if you are flowing with the northern or southern hemisphere seasons. You are welcome. All sessions are in GMT (London time) so check out the time difference here  https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/ to see if you’ll be joining live or catching the recordings or a combination of both!

You mentioned menstrual cycles, what if my menstrual cycle isn't’ in sync with this programme? Will it still work for me?

Yes. This programme is all about the transmission and permission to tune into your wisdom - a chance to explore and play, listen and feel, and be held by a beautiful group of women. This online sister circle welcomes all women. Women who are in their bleeding years and those  who are not, those who are childless, those pregnant, postpartum, mothers and grandmothers. We each have Nature’s knowing within us, and I believe that all women have access to this. In fact, it was very important to me that it was accessible to all women at all stages of their life. 

What if I only want to join the dances?

If you choose to sign up, I can’t (and will not) force you to participate. 

This is a fully immersive journey, Dance Your Wisdom will be a closed container to allow for true intimacy and support amongst all the women who choose to join.

Why the seasons and elements and not the moon?

As I mentioned earlier, the menstrual cycle has “inner seasons” and when I was tracking my cycle, I discovered that the elements and energetic qualities  from each season really supported me in listening to my body, especially while I was experiencing really irregular cycles. This listening gave me the time and space to feel into what was true for me, and exclude external voices, shoulds and ideals.


I have spent years studying the intersection of the elements, seasons, and lunar cycles with the menstrual cycle, and I can see how they all support a woman in a similar way. 


However, my own experience with irregular cycles and “syncing” with the moon didn’t feel right for me. Constantly comparing myself to what I should be feeling, where I should be at in my cycle caused deep sadness and pressure/ stress, which my body is already so sensitive to. This is not to discredit the moon (she has much to teach us) but the seasons and elements drew me into what is happening in my body, in any given moment, which helped me to listen to what is so, and so this is why I am sharing it.

I am no longer menstruating, is this for me?

Absolutely. The beauty of this offering resides in the pure fact you are mother nature personified. Every cell of your body knows and holds this medicine. You may not bleed anymore (menopause or pregnant or have amenorrhea) but as a woman, your power resides in your pleasure, your senses, in your bones. The elements and seasons give us a direct connection this is, and it is truth dance, and embodying these qualities, that we come home to.

Do I need to be a dancer?

No, not at all! I have never ever been a dancer in the way one would deem "a dancer". But, I can say that the fact you’ve been enticed by this offering would suggest on a soul level you were born to dance, and this may be the perfect opportunity to re-member this truth. 

Maybe like me, as a little girl you’d love to dance.


Dancing has always brought me closer to Spirit in ways that nothing else can. 

For me, it is a moving prayer.

I have always felt alive when I dance.

When I dance I feel. Full stop.


I dance for my joy.

I dance for my grief.

I dance for my pleasure.

I dance to heal.

I dance for my mother, my aunts, my grandmothers.

I dance for the Great Mother.

I dance for the Maiden in me.

I dance for my sexuality and sensuality.

I dance to reclaim what was always mine.

I dance for my sovereignty.

I dance for me.

I dance for all women.

I dance with all women.


(Still not sure if you are a dancer after reading that?)

A final note about this offering and Adrianna 

I want to be clear, this is not anything you have to do or learn. 

It is an unlearning, and undoing, an experience for you, of you, to remember all that you are. 


This is a journey of unearthing your own wisdom.

This is not a journey you need to bend and squeeze yourself into a mould of what a woman should be. No, this is where such programming comes to die its rightful death. 


Through years of working with the body and energy, and in study of the feminine archetypal rites of passage, I hold safe, inclusive and powerful spaces for women to delve into their inner landscapes and as a result know that what they have been searching for has been inside of them all along. 


My story, of long and irregular cycles and feeling pressured to conform to what it meant to be a woman, led me further down the path and discovery of my own wisdom and innate knowing that my body was communicating with me. That the Divine was speaking through me, to me, leading me in a direction different from most. 


My passion for intersections and paradoxes led me to simultaneously learn and unlearn everything I thought I knew about the female form and the feminine energy. This is what makes me the ultimate guide and spiritual midwife for women to come home to themselves, to birth themselves and their soul lives longing to be lived.


Women don’t need more information, but rather a safe loving space, held by women each of whom walks her own path, who has continually journeyed into the unknown and come out the other side, reborn as more of herself. 


I believe that the thread that weaves us together is a mystery that can only be felt. 

I believe that words are overrated. 

I believe that women know innately. We don’t need to be told what to do or how to do it. We need the space to gather together and remember what we’ve been programmed to forget.

I believe I was born to linger in the paradox, in the intersections avoided by most. 

I believe in the beauty of pain, discomfort, and the unknown. 

I believe that when women show up for each other, we show up for ourselves. 

I believe that by being more me, that you’ll feel the burning desire to be more you. 

I believe that we learn the most from those who love and accept us as we are, because it’s not what is said, it’s how it makes us feel. 

I believe that this love ignites that love in ourselves. 

I believe that relationships are our greatest teachers. 

I believe that our experiences in life are our greatest authority. 

I believe what we deem as our flaws are are source of our truth and triumph. 

I believe our stories need to be told to dissolve feelings of isolation, and ignite the oneness. 

I believe in paying attention to our similarities versus our differences. 

I believe that grief work is heart work, and the world needs us to feel our pain, our sadness of we want to experience a compassionate world. There are too many people pretending they aren’t sad. 

I believe in the paradox and intuition is how we know when to use what practice.

I believe all women know the art of death and rebirth, and we have arrived at a point in time where we are re-membering this art.


A guide, energy healer and spiritual midwife, I was born to hold space for those who are willing to delve deep within their inner landscape. 

And so, I invites you into The Flow, to the dance only you can dance.

It is through the relationship with our body, we come to an honest place, where words can no longer deceive, where the body and soul can speak. I look forward to guiding you through this journey, and am ready to dance our wisdom.