First Degree - part 1 -online training for self healing

Reiki is the pathway to the True Self.


Reiki First Degree is the path to uniting with your inner healer.

And as I have come to understand and experience it, Reiki is Divine Love.

The Love that rests beneath it all.

The Love that we came from, that we are and what we return to. The Love that we seek when we feel separated. The Love that we are when we return to wholeness. Most people come to Reiki with this intention alone, not yearning to heal others, but to heal themselves. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
What does healing actually mean?⠀

If we look to etymology, to heal is to return to wholeness.

Reiki brings the whole person into consideration; their emotional, mental, spiritual and physical bodies.

This healing modality supports someone to return to wholeness and to integrate all aspects of who they are, seen and unseen.


I offer Reiki First Degree in two parts.


The first part is the self-healing system online via zoom.


The second part will be the full certification, will be made available once we are able to be in human presence and contact again.


Both parts will be available to you as you would like to progress.You may choose just complete part 1 to have this healing for yourself, or you may wish to complete part 2 for the full certification (which enables you practice with others) - at a later date in person in London.

The certification is only complete once you have done the in-person Part two.

I value intimacy and connection, so I hold groups of a minimum of 5 maximum of 12. For the training to go ahead, there must be 5.

Part one is a 5 hour live online immersion where we explore:

  • What is Reiki?

  • Lineage & history,

  • Reiki Precepts

  • What is healing & Energy,

  • Chakras, & you will receive the Reiki placement.

  • Self healing

  • Creating Sacred Space

  • 21 days of healing.


You will also receive a pdf manual.

this training is for you if 
  • You are ready to discover your inner healer.

  • You are on a path of self discovery.

  • You have had a calling to Reiki, regardless if you have had a healing session prior to this moment or not.

  • You are ready to commit yourself and your healing journey.

  • You want to deepen your spiritual practice.

  • You are interested in energy and a ready to discover all the ways it can support your daily life.


The investment for this online training is £111.00 GBP/ pp

A non-refundable deposit of £55.50 will secure your place in any training, with the balance due 1 week prior to the training date.

The training includes:


  • 5 hours of contact time and transmissions.

  • The Reiki 1 Placement.

  • A 40 page pdf Manual and, 

  • Ongoing support from me as you continue your healing journey (via email)

  • plus a complimentary distance Reiki session (must be taken before the training & subject to availability) to support your process.

All payments to be made via bank transfer.

Continue below for upcoming dates.


The trainings take place online via Zoom. 

You can join in from anywhere in the world (just be sure to note the timezone as all times are GMT+1) 

All you need is to download the software, and have a stable internet connection so that you are able to join with video on, as the training is interactive. 

2021 and beyond

This training will be undergoing some changes in thew new year.
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