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Reiki - Distance Healing

A 30 minute healing experience via Zoom, Whatsapp or Phone.

  • 30 minutes
  • 33 British pounds
  • Via Phone (whatsapp/ facetime audio/ zoom/ phone line)

Service Description

Adrianna is also a Reiki Master (2019) Reiki Distance Healing allows us to move beyond the constructs of time and space, healing situations in the past, present and in the future. Healing is to come into Wholeness, illuminating aspects of ourselves and our experiences that may been previously hidden, so that we may integrate them into our awareness. Some of the benefits Reiki support you to; centre yourself when you feel scattered energise you when you feel drained calm you when you feel afraid focus your mind and help you find solutions relieve pain accelerate healing of wounds/injuries/infections improve health and gradually clear up old illnesses prevent development of disease help release emotional wounds, limiting attitudes, fears and damaging behaviour patterns show you new possibilities and support you in making changes in your life. This healing requires you to use either a phone or the internet (Zoom) to connect. You can be lying down, or seated in a meditative posture. We have a short chat before the energy flows, and there is space at the end of the session to speak, should you wish to. The clients I work with will express the very same Reiki benefits back to me after a session as they would have in a face to face setting - feelings of deep relaxation, joy, clarity, ease and relief from pain physically and emotionally. And sometimes, their energetic experiences feel even more powerful to them, because they were not physically present with me. We all have access to this life force energy, otherwise known as our Chi, Qi or prana, as it flows through each and every living being. Distance Reiki provides just one of many ways to link to and channel this energy for the healing benefit of others.

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