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A 12 month journey into the Feminine


Weave is a unique year-long online journey for womanhood.


Weaving together well-being practices, seasonal insights and community connection, this program’s highest intention is to serve your creativity as individual women and collectively as womankind.


What does it mean to be a woman?

What is it that you dream of creating?

What is the legacy you yearn to leave?


These are some of the integral questions we explore as we dance around the the sun, calling upon the wisdom of Nature; the stars, the seasons and our own personal rhythms of existence for guidance.


This process is for any woman seeking a more artful & reverent relationship with herself and calling in the highest level of personal autonomy, authenticity, sovereignty and whole-hearted confidence in the modern world.

Weave brings women together with the intention to empower individual creativity, deepen connection to self, and provide a safe space for you to explore what it means to be a woman today.


Designed for you to move at your own pace, from the comfort of your home, but with the knowing that your experience is held and shared by an online community of women just as unique as you.


This process has been intentionally synchronised with the cyclical nature inherent to women, so that you can continue to harness your power as you move through this 12 month cycle, now, and year after year, cycle after cycle.


Through the use of a private online community on the Mighty Networks, live/ recorded calls (via Zoom) Adrianna is committed to supporting you, and each month will be delivering you with:


·   Theme + Ritual

·   Contemplations + Journaling Prompts + Space for Self Enquiry

·   Somatic practices via pdf, audio and video