weave women

A collaboration with

Uma Elizabeth Knight

Weave is a unique, year-long online journey for womankind. Weaving together well-being practices, seasonal insights and self-enquiry, our highest intention is to serve your creativity as an individual and collectively as a living community.

What does it mean to be a woman?

What is it that you dream of creating? What does it mean to live according to the rhythms of Nature, of your body and your inner wisdom?


The Weave Woman knows that the answers lie within.


Her greatest power is in her relationship to herself.

We intentionally follow the rhythms of Nature and provide you month by month with a dedicated workbook including:


body practices,


voice-healing tools

and relevant teachings to support your process.

Weave's first programme is underway and ends in September 2020.
To discover more about  Weave and becoming part of upcoming events and programmes, signing up to our mailing list and following us over on our instagram page - @weave_women